*serious on hold solutions from your dog and bone

*scallywagproductions provides you with a marketing and public relations tool that will encourage interest in your organisation and help you achieve your business goals. With a Single or Multi-line on-hold service, you can update your new messages and play times online anytime with our Online Message System (OMS) beam™.

When you put someone On-Hold you have a unique marketing
opportunity to:

  • make a good and professional first impression
  • support your existing marketing plans
  • inform your callers of specialist services they may not be aware of
  • promote short term targeted specials (RTC)
  • list business opening hours and direct customers to your web site
  • reduce caller hangups by keeping your customers entertained
  • answer most frequently asked questons

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to directly tell your customers what you've always wanted them to know from $52 per month (plus GST).

easy, comprehensive, professional, complete!