*serious on hold solutions

*scallywagproductions offers two customised & managed telephone on hold package solutions:


  • 5 Messages
  • Tailored scripting
  • Voiced and recorded in our digital studio by our qualified staff
  • Appropriate background music bed
    (royalty and APRA fee free)
  • Exclusive message management design
    (RTC optional)
  • Rental of standard Digital On-Hold unit
  • Programming and loading


  • Everything you get with a
    standard package


  • 3 additional holiday or event messages programmed with specific start and stop dates
    and times.


  • Real Time Clock equipped unit

One off initial cost(s) - delivery $33 (inc GST).

If a radio or CD player is not currently being used as an On-Hold device technical installation may be required. Contact us for help

Complete a *scallywagproductions Purchase Order Package (POP) our copywriters will begin development of scripts and message management design (RTC) from the information you have provided about your business and services.

» Message updates are available on request

easy, comprehensive, professional, complete!