*a little about us

*scallywagproductions is a company that evolves ON HOLD communication solutions at possibly the first point of contact your customers have with your business. We care for your product and business image when you need to put your customers on hold and help you achieve your business goals with a competitive edge.

You can be assured that when dealing with the staff at *scallywagproductions you will be given the most direct, up-to-date and professional service available, after all if we can't care for our own customers how can we care for yours.

We make it easy for you. We provide two packages, a STANDARD PLAN and a CORPORATE PLAN. We provide the latest and most sophisticated technology with the most advanced custom features available!

We also have the largest network of Austel certified service technicians in the business providing you with the security that if something does go wrong it can be fixed.

Our exciting new OMS (Online Management System) beam™ combined with our RTC technology now provides business's with a tool to manage and update On-Hold message content at any time achieving a level of front-end service and business image that blows competitors away.

easy, comprehensive, professional, complete!